I didn't know how else to recognize the superb service I received today since I wasn't offered a survey to take after my phone call.
I recently went to check my insurance bill to make my monthly payment and was alarmed to see I was due $525. This was, needless to say, not what I was set up to pay nor was what I was paying for monthly. I called USAA at 2000 on a Wednesday night and was directed, quite expediently, to the insurance department where I came to speak to Pete.
Pete looked at my account and was equally alarmed by the due amount. After several holds, Pete had not only confirmed the error by consulting his supervisor and his manager, but also have come back with a plan he formulated to remedy my conundrum.
With complete sensitivity to someone who, admittedly, is not as well-versed in insurance plans renewal policies, he explained what he described as a "perfect definition of a computer glitch." Because of a transfer of States from Wy to ND due to a PCS, my auto-insurance renewed in October. The glitch came in and had me pay the entire amount of 6-months' worth of payments within 2 months. Making my bill for this month $525.00.
Pete "went back in time" and cancelled the erroneous policy and replaced it with a new 6-month coverage plan. He also made sure to mention that my previous payments were not to be discredited and will be put towards "retroactively paying" my new policy.
I hope this gets elevated so that Pete may get recognized for his service that was above and beyond. Thank you!


This is so wonderful to hear @Tucs and so very glad to hear Pete was able to locate the issue and find a solution that would help with this billing error. I have located Pete and will ensure that his manager gets this feedback so he can be recognized for his above and beyond service. Thank you for your membership and for being part of the USAA family, looking forward to many more years to come :-)  - Ralph