I joined USAA in Feb 2020 and have had no tickets or accidents, until recently. Aug 05, I hit a tractor trailer tire in the road and caused some damage to my car. I went to a USAA certified shop and the estimator totaled my car. USAA worked up an estimate based on three like vehicles and chose the cheapest, then offered me a settlement for that amount. I replied to the person assigned to me that the amount was insufficient, as the incorrect trim level was used on the three vehicles compared.

I was then asked for a list of options on my car. I provided a list of options, the window sticker from the dealership, the list from the dealer order form, and an article describing  the difference in the two trim packages available. I also provided 5 identical vehicles, minus the color, sourced from auto buying websites. I provided a Kelley Blue Book value of my car, with VIN number. I also provided an NADA value of my car, with VIN, for both private party and trade-in value. Even the trade-in value is more than what USAA offered. In return, I was told that everything was reviewd and the amount stays the same. 

This is unbelievable and I am lost as to who I should speak with. My "agent" gives me a response of less than one sentence in an email. It is now September and I still have not settled and I refuse to do so until this is corrected. I would like to escalate this to someone else, but there are no numbers available, nor is there any contact information for escalation. Please advise.


@In-Limbo, I will be glad to forward your request for assistance and escalation. This area is currently out of the office until tomorrow morning and I appreciate your patience while waiting for a response from this area.  ~ Joseph

I'm a member since 1983 and what you are describing never would have happened during the majority of that time. Sadly, USAA has had a precipitous decline in all aspects, including putting obstacles in the way of communication to the point they will directly say they will call back or respond with a letter and then simply don't. You joined USAA at the wrong time, which coincides with the appointment of the new CEO, the first to have never served in the military and the first whose primary goal is to be a hipster. USAA has gone from a company defined by honor and integrity to one with lots of slick advertsing and bait and switch tactics.

@Reid Fitzsimons, I'm sorry for the frustration with your account. I want to confirm I've escalated your message to be reviewed further. I want to make sure your concerns are reviewed properly. -Lori G


Thank you for your timely response. I was contacted by an associate today and we discussed the same thing as before. Finally, she said she would send the case to the total loss experts and "allow" them to search for the same kind of car outside of the 300-mile radius. We will see what happens from here. I looked and found a few with the correct pricing, I have zero faith in the company doing the research for USAA...none. I am employed as a research historian and I can provide pinpoint accuracy for comparisons, unlike the company USAA used. I received no offer to use my comparisons, which is understandable. I suppose the jury is out on this for a bit. I'll let you know what happens. Thanks again for your response.