Erroneous or RIDICULOUSinsurance bill

I've had USAA home & Auto Insurance for decades.  This is the third time I've recieved a "PAYMENT DUE" bill for 0.02 cents.  The first two times I called and was ASSURED this stupidity was the last time it would happen.  WRONG ...... Try to imagine the cost of a check, the postage, the handling, and/or the electronic debits & credits it would take to send a 0.02 cent payment from my bank in Virginia to USAA, Texas for payment.  REDICULOUS!!!!  I just received a "payment due" bill for 0.02 cents AGAIN for my auto in surance.  This time I'm not going to call and have it waived for my next bill.  Why this is happening is beyond me.  I get my annual & six month biils and pay then RIGHT AWAY via Electronic Funds Transfer.  INSTANT PAYMENT!!!!!  Then ...sometime before my next bill I receive a "Payment due" email citing the 0.02 cents.  As I said, I'm not going to call and ask for the 0.02 cents to be waived till my next full six month premium is due.  If I get a LATE notice or any damage to my credit rating because of this activity .... I will SWITCH INSURANCE COMPANIES in a heartbeat !!!!!!!!!!  

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Oh no! I'm saddened to read about the difficulty you've experienced with your bill. I can certainly understand your frustration and I will be escalating these concerns on your behalf. These reviews can take several business days but are handled as soon as possible. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention and we want to thank you for your patience. – Heather