Hi there, @Phoenix1! We do not have a public inbox at this time, unfortunately. We do have the chat option on USAA.com and the phone option at 800-531-8722. Please, let us know if we can assist you in any way! ~ Steven

What do you mean "no public inbox" and "unfortunately?" USAA intentionally discontinued commmunication via e-mail several years ago, leaving "valued members" basically two options: navigating through the robo-representative on the phone or dealing with incompetent reps on chat- in either case we can expect to spend a 20-30 minute minimum for anything more complicated than obtaining an account balance. Why do you say it's "unfortunate" when you did it knowingly and intentionally, presumably as a cost cutting measure?

@Reid Fitzsimons, to deliver the most efficient service for our members we did discontinue the messaging service that was previously available for our members. I regret to hear you are not happy with navigating our automated phone service and feel our chat team does not provide the best assistance. Your feedback is important to us and will be shared with the appropriate team. Thank you. - Rhonda 

Hi Rhonda- if you are a real person, why do you speak in such bureaucratic gibberish? It's absurd to talk about "the most efficient service for our members." Robo-customer service is all about being most efficient for the people that profit from customers and has nothing to do with benefiting members.

They dont' want to keep receiving all the hate email, from Vets they are leaving stranded