Electronic Proof of Insurance and Cell/Data Coverage

The majority of states now accept electronic proof of (car) insurance. Using the USAA mobile app on ones phone - it appears that when you select "VIEW AUTO ID" (I think it should be renamed 'Proof of Ins') it DOWNLOADS a PDF of your insurance cards. Further , if you go back later - it actually downloads the PDF each and every time and does not retain or remember that it just previously downloaded the PDF minutes earlier if you return.


That suggests that the USAA Mobile App would NOT function as a method for showing electronic proof of insurance if one does not have cell/data or wifi coverge? (say you are in a remote rural location)


If so - wouldn't it be a relatively trivial fix in the app to cache and store images of proof of insurance locally within the app rather than downloading each time?


Thank you @trhao, great suggestion and happy to research this for you.  Please allow me a few moments to review, research and provide instructions on how to download USAA Insurance ID Cards onto your mobile phones for future use.  ~ Marco


Thank you for reaching out to us with your mobile app inquiry and truly appreciate your patience @trhao.   Members do have the capabilities of downloading documents from our mobile app to their phone.  Some limitations may apply for phone users depending on the type of phone, service carrier and cloud storage.  I have provided some simple instructions to download USAA's Insurance ID card to your mobile phone that will allow you to open with out using any data or needing wifi to open the app.    


Apple iPhone Users:  Open "View ID Card", click on the download feature located at the top right of the screen, Select the Apple iBooks  App to download and save as a PDF.   The iBooks app will automatically open for your to print out or email it to the desired location.  The document will stay in iBooks until deleted.  


Android Users:  Will need to go to "My Docs" via USAA mobile app and grab the auto ID card, then "view PDF".  On the right hand corner of the screen you will see 3 little dots, click and download.  The document will save to the "downloads" folder on the phone or you may save it onto the Google Drive.  


I hope either option assists you in downloading your ID cards for future use.  Please don't hesitate reaching back out to us if you encounter any issues.  Thank you again for your membership and trusting USAA with your insurance needs.  ~ Marco

Thanks for the detailed response.


Just a quick suggestion for a possible improvement: How about have the app automatically retain a static/offline copy (image) of the card whenever new cards are available or the policy renews. This way you can 'trust' a current un-expired rendering of the card is always available in the app (cached) automatically irregardless of whether the phone has connectivity and the member doesn't have to actively remember to login and download the card manually once every 6 months (humans are likely to forget this from time to time).


If you agree - might pass this feature request on to your app devs for consideration in a future version of the app.


I would call the feature: Automatically retain cached image of current proof-of-insurance in the app



Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback @trhao I will forward this feedback to our business team, as we always look for ways to improve and serve our members better in the future.