Fed Up Royally
Hello, I tried to message someone on the FB page, but, and almost 2 hours later, no one has contacted me back. I would appreciate it if someone could give me numbers to reach your governance committee. I’ll find it myself eventually, since I’m pretty sure that’s what I’ll have to do, but just thought I’d try here first. Please help, and thank you.


@Fed Up Royally, I would be happy to assist you. I am sorry your post on Facebook has not yielded a reply. It is tricky as we need to locate your profile. Please reply in private with how I can assist you. Thank you. If you need help sending your reply in private, here are the instructions. 

Select username on the top right-hand corner >My Settings >Turn on Private Messages >Save.

To send a PM select username >Envelope Icon >Send Private Message  ~ Suzy

@USAA  -  Why does everyone have to reply in private for a "personalized" response?  The question was simple.  How does the member get in touch with a certain group within USAA?  Why can members not get that information via the Member Community?  Is it like a deep dark secret?    

Hey @NSueZ, no deep dark secret. We ask members to send us either profile/situation details or full name and phone# via PM/DM so as to protect their privacy. We will never ask or risk a members personal info on a public platform such as this. If this statement is in regards to your previous question as mentioned in the before post each dispute/fraud case is handled accordingly. What one member has issues with another member could not so we are unable to provide a blanket statement. I do hope you understand, thank you. -Emily

The purpose of the post of “Fed Up Royally” was not to address an issue so there is no need to discuss privacy info. The purpose of the post was simply to request the “numbers to reach your governance committee.” And that is info that every member / “owner” of USAA would like to have. But you can not give that info to your members because the Senior Management of USAA are probably in the Deep State as you and NSueZ discussed.

And USAA has established a wall the insulates them from their annoying and peon members. That wall consists of 4 Layers. Layer 1 are the customer service reps and we see the result of that layer by the unending list of complaints on this forum. Then Layer 2 consists of Executive Resolution Team members who are simply customer service reps with a fancy title. Then when a member wastes enough time with those 2 Layers he then comes to this forum, posts his complaint, and the moderator tells the member his issue is now going to a subject matter expert (Level 3) who is hopefully competent enough to resolve what was left unresolved by Levels 1 and 2. Then for the finale there is Layer 4, the USAA Administrators who send out posts asking us what our favorite pizza topping is, what our first car was, and what our best cruise tip is; that is when they’re not deleting member comments. That is the Impenetrable Wall that separates the member / owners of USAA from the Senior Mgmt of USAA.

So to get back to the original and specific request of this post, can you provide the contact info for the USAA Chairman, CEO, Director of Customer Service, and retired Army General John Abizaid (Member, Finance & Audit, Compensation & Workforce and Executive committees). I can understand the rest of them acting the way they do but General Abizaid is a good man (former CENTCOM Commander) and to this day I can not understand how he can be part of this without taking corrective actions. Hopefully some day I’ll run into him and ask him.

I won’t hold my breath waiting for the contact info on the members of the Deep State.

Stand United
Retired Army Officer