Ok this is my first complaint about USAA.  Usually they are so great, but this time I can actually say I'm beyond frustrated.  So I traded in my Kia Sportage for a KIA Optima and used the car buying service.  This is not my first time.  I've used it and USAA for my auto loans numerous times.  I got a great rate at 1.75% and everything went smoothly.


In the process I realize they have my payment set to come out on the 1st.  I asked to have it come out on the 15th as I prefer it to.  The representative told me, "You have to wait until after the first payment is made and then we can adjust the date."  No problem.  I make the first payment and notice it is really low.  It's half what I expected.  So I called USAA to adjust the date and figure out why my payment is so low. 


They tell me that I agreed to a bi-weekly payment schedule, of which I never have done, and I'm stuck with it.  Regardless if I did electronically I cannot for the life of me understand why they can't adjust the frequency of the loan.  The term is not changing and the interest is simple.  I was then told the only way to adjust it is to refinance the car I JUST BOUGHT WITH A HIGHER INTEREST RATE.  Not only that I would have to wait for a check by mail to receive a refund for the debt protection I purchased with the loan just to purchase it again with the new loan! 


COME ON USAA!  I love you guys but this is ridiculous!


I think USAA is great as well, but sometimes they are unwilling to look past administrative and bureaucratic rules in order to help a customer even if the mistake is on their side. This is a disappointing experience. 

Agreed.  I'm really surprised by this.  You would think I was asking for a new loan.  I guess to them I am.

Dear Palmer,

I am so sorry for the mix up. I would like to get you in contact with a specialist who can further review your situation to see if we can make changes for a single monthly payment. Please email us at socialmedia@usaa.com and include your member number and the details you provided above and we will get someone in touch with you shortly. Thank you for commenting.

Unfair banking practice
I have never wrote a bad check and I don't believe it takes that long to verify a money order. So I am not happy with this hold on my account.