The Musician
I’ve been with USAA for approximately 10yrs now. I had auto and homeowners insurance. Up until today I would be singing their praises. However, I just found out today that I was dropped from my auto policy. Mind you the last claim was for vandalism and USAA didn’t have to fork over any $ for it. Admittedly * was a year of mishaps, I own that. What I have a problem with is being dropped first and not even knowing about it second. No warning for ppl edging close to non renewal. I’ve been driving without coverage for over a week. I literally drove to LA back to the Bay and had no insurance!!!! I was told something was sent in the mail…my docs preference is for electronic delivery. Aside from advertisements and mandated stuff, I never receive any correspondence from USAA via mail. The person I spoke to was only willing to defend the very action that has me in the most compromising position (during the holiday season). I absolutely hate USAA at this point. So now I’ll have to shop for auto insurance as well as homeowners insurance…we’re only 4 days into the year. USAA please handle these situations better, Ive lost the faith and reliability that came with being a USAA patron. Ten years down the drain…No more USAA


Hello The Musician, thank you for participating in the Member Community, even though I wish it was under happier circumstances. Based on your comments about your policy, I have contacted our business experts at USAA and asked that they contact you personally to discuss this matter further.

USAA, I seriously doubt you'll answer/post answers to the below questions on the community website. My bet is that you'll refer them to a someone else and they'll either IM/call me (maybe).  If that's the case, don't bother. This kind of information should be available to all members somewhere on this website. 


1. What criteria does USAA determine who will/might be dropped?

2. What is your policy for officially notifying members that their coverage(s) will be terminated--especially if members choose electronic delivery for all their correspondance?

3. Why method does USAA use to insure members are aware that they will no longer be covered?

4. You said you send out a letter. Does it go out certified, registered, etc? If not, Do you just send a letter out and call it a day?