Imagine my surprise when I opened the mail today and found that after more than 25 years we were being dropped because of accidents, only one of which was considered a true accident. We have put our money, and our loyalty with this company and this is how we have been treated. We just opened accounts for our children and told them the benefits of USAA membership. I don’t what happened to this company but it is sad. I came on here and have read account after account of people being dropped so I guess I am in great company with others who have given their loyalty to USAA and had it thrown back in their face. You all should be absolutely ashamed. We just openned our third child’s account. Looks like we will need to be looking for banking for all five of us because I refuse to give my loyalty to a company who doesn’t have my back.


Hello @bud492, I am sorry to hear of your disappointment concerning the cancellation of your policy. Maintaining your trust means a great deal to us at USAA and we certainly do not want to lose you. I am going to escalate this situation for additional review. Someone will be contacting your directly to discuss. ~Nekeysha