FOR 10 YEARS,  I have had USAA as my main banking institution. 2 years ago i added Home owners insurance. I also carried 3 vehicles for some time. Without a warning or anything, i am being dropped for auto insurance. I have literally carried my whole life with these folks. boasted about USAA to all my friends and family and not even a warning letter. Now i have to consider leaving all my assests and home owners insurance to another company as a result. 


zrf - This is definitely not the kind of experience we want any member to have, I have located your information. I will engage an expert to review the situation. I appreciate you reaching out to us today. - Jason

If i could get a call back on the situation, that would be a start. Rather than snail mail. 

Whose decision was it to revert back to 6 month vehicle insurance ID cards?  Whose decision as it to make said 6 month ID cards printable ONLY AFTER the 6 month period has started and not say FOUR DAYS PRIOR?  I can't believe how stupid this decision process was not to mention inconvenient...and a paper waster...and a time waster!!

Hello @URStoopid! Thank you for your inquiries. I am hopeful that we can make your experiences better. With the exception of a few states where 1 year policies are required, we have maintained the 6 month ID cards for quite some time, as that is the effective period of our auto insurance policies. With regard to ID card availability, typically all documents for an upcoming renewal would be made available at least a few weeks prior to the effective date both in your digital documents folder (on the USAA website or mobile application) and physically (by mail). Member initiated requests for new ID cards can also be made on the site, via chat, or over the phone and would be delivered instantly by email or within a few days by regular mail. If you have concerns with your document delivery, I would like to take this time to have you set up private messages in this member community so I can look into resolving any issues with this matter. You may do so by clicking your username in the upper right corner, select My Settings, turn on private messages, and Save. ~ Steven

Well, my auto insurance renews on April 12, my daughter leaves to go back to college today, 3/31/19.... I CANNOT PRINT THE NEW ID CARD SO SHE IS ABLE TO BE UP TO DATE.  My auto insusrance cards used to be year to year as well, but it too has changed.  I have lived in the same state for 19 years.  

Hello, @hami6339. I certainly understand your concerns and feel terrible about any inconvenience or worry involved. We would be happy to get this mailed out to her directly ASAP. Please, connect with us via chat on USAA.com or by dialing 800-531-8722 so we can authenticate your profile, obtain her address, and get that mailed out to her so she will have it available. :) ~ Steven

We just received a notice of being dropped from their auto insurance. I am beginning to doubt USAA's commitment to military veterans and the benefit of doing business with them. We were already paying a higher premium due to teenagers with poor driving records. (My 19-year-old daughter no longer has a car.) I was also unimpressed with the ability to secure loans from USAA when we maintain a credit rating above 740, sometimes above 800. We're considering going back to USBank as we have received better customer service from them in numerous categories of the services they provide.

Hi @ceb417c3ce, thank you for reaching out to us this morning.  I can certainly understand your unhappiness with USAA after being dropped from your auto insurance and the service you received.  I know it can be frustrating with teenagers when they get behind the wheel, I know I have one in college.  Their inexperience driving can increase premiums due to being high risk, in time that will change and premiums will drop in time.  I invite you to chat or call us to review your policy and the decision made for non-renewal by going to USAA.com and selecting the "HELP" link and clicking on "I want to talk to someone".   USAA does have options with our Insurance Agency to provide auto coverage for you and your family to keep your financial needs under one roof.  If needing additional assistance via USAA Community, please send me a Private Message to answer any additional questions or concerns you have about USAA's auto policies.  Thank you for your membership and we look forward to hearing from you soon.  ~ Marco


I just got dropped as well and I am a 35 yr member of USAA.  They stated it was because of my family driving record.  The person that handled my case was rude and was not willing to even investigate.  Sure I have three kids - 21, 19 and 17 but between them they only had two tickets.  I am a vetran and have always liked USAA and recommended them but NOT ANYMORE!!!!  I am shopping my business elsewhere and letting as many people know how they treat vets!