No help on weekends for claims, shady middlemen (ASI), and terrible communications. Moving to GEICO. The claim wasn't even for that much money, just $750. Ending all of my products with them. 


How do you not have at least 1 person working on the weekends. Absolutely ridiculous. I practically live out of my Jeep with how much I commute to school, work, and the VA for medical treatment. It's been over a week and they havent even authorized work yet! I also have to be the middleman and call the scammer adjuster company (ASI), USAA, and the dealership. 


I don't even get paid to do that! Done. USAA isnt even trying to help me out or ease the problem. I get better service at my local coffee shop. 


Hello AhmadUSMC, I regret this has been your experience and understand your frustration with this situation. Your membership is very important to us and we want to help in any way we can. We will reach out to our claims partners to review your situation. Rest assured someone will contact you to address your concerns. Thank you for reaching out.

Luckily, I handled the situation (myself) by tracking all the relevant parties down and bringing them in together on a conference call. The issue has been resolved so far, I only hope that I never run into another bad public road and have to deal with you guys again. 


Please don't call me. In fact just go ahead and delete this entire conversation. Thanks.