I did love being a USAA member but their service has dropped. I got a loan from USAA for a used car and was quoted over the phone a lower interest rate, with gap and an extended warranty. When the loan was originated it had no gap, no extended warranty and the apr jumped 1% from what I was quoted. I called them and their only response is that I need to wait 6 months then I can refinance to add gap, the warranty and possibly get a better rate. I doesn't matter that it is USAA's fault, I get screwed. Next time I will not get a loan from USAA i will use Navy Federal and I am going to move all accounts to Navy Federal also. I was a 16 year member and an advocate for USAA.


Dear Mr Huff,

I am so sorry to hear about your negative expereince. I would like to get you in contact with a specialist who can further review your situation to see if thre is anything we can do to remedy the situation. Please email us at and include your member number and the details you provided above and we will get someone in touch with you shortly. Thank you for commenting.