Sgt Wise
I have great credit and this isn’t my first time financing a vehicle and I received a 5.59% on 14k loan. I have better loans with Alaska credit union and Lexus financial. I have read reviews about USAA’s poor auto finance rates unfortunately after my purchase. I figured being a member of USAA was supposed to be a community of military members and their families and that USAA would take care of their members. Much less an active military member such as myself. I will definitely not be purchasing another vehicle through USAA and will most likely be refinancing this loan and also looking to other auto insurance companies as well. Banking without a branch to walk into is hard enough. And with the lack of so called “benefits” I don’t see the point in anybody staying with or joining USAA


Most credit unions can beat usaa by 1-2 percent in my experience. USAA does it best to offer a comparable rate. My last auto loan went from * to * by switching over to a credit union.
Looks like they didn’t want me to advise the rates and auto removed. So funny ;)