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Terrible, lying and deceiving insurance company. I never met a company with poor leadership. USAA executives and upper management does everything to avoid us members who sacrificed so much for our country. This is the thanks we get from this company. Every executive should be investigated for allowing there employees to find ways to take advantage of there customers. When I purchased two new vehicles recently I transferred my policy to our new vehicles. We specifically told the representative what coverages we wanted for our new vehicles. Recently we had to file a claim on one of our vehicles and that’s when the nightmares started. They did not provide us the coverages we requested over the phone. Then when I told them this is an error on USAA they lied and said we changed the coverage online. But we never make changes to our policy online it’s always been over the phone. This is the second time that USAA has done this to us. What a scam!!!!! I thought being a member of USAA is rewarding. What a big disappointment


Yeap.   Now look into where they send the money you pay them.   They donate alot of money to causes I'd bet you are very much against.  


USAA is using the military thing as a way to get money.   That's all.