If you are hoping, planning on or expecting any just treatment from USAA in the event of an accident, don't bother.

You will not receive any support or value no matter the pristine condition and care of your vehicle before your accident.

Not only am I not being paid even 1/2 the value of current replacement vehicles, but I am being stuck with a tow bill of over $1,000.00 and an abandoned vehicle charge of $500.00.

USAA really knows how to take a very painful situation and make it even worse. I'm sorry I have been a member for so many years giving all my insurance for vehicles, home, etc to them.


This is heart breaking to hear about your recent claims experience @Completely Disgusted.  I certainly get your concerns and disappointment on the outcome of your claim and know I am forwarding this to the appropriate area to further review your situation.  Thank you for your patience and membership as it is received/reviewed.  ~Marco

Welcome to the new USAA whose main objective is to enrich its CEO and upper management and inject their political beliefs onto USAA.  Shop around.  USAA can be beaten on every product they offer.  What has been intentionally done to USAA is a disgrace.