USAA was once a great company.  There are many evaluations that start with this perspective.  I've been buying vehicles and dealing with banks since 1975.  My experience 2 weeks ago with USAA and True Car has told me never to use that buying service again.

- I followed USAA guidelines & instructions for using their contractor TRUECAR
- I contacted True Car with the specifics of my new car purchase - the most expensive car I have ever sought
- True Car only referred 2 dealers to me
- One could not speak English - I do not know what language he was speaking
- Both dealers only wanted to sell their stock on their lot
- Neither wanted to help me find or order my vehicle

- I had the exact specifications from the manufacturer site

- I had to go to a non network dealer to find my car

- I mistakengly financed through USAA

- I sadly assumed that since I followed USAA instructions - but - their contractor TRUECAR FAILED - that I would still be given the interest rate reduction

- USAA refuses to give me the rate reduction
- Did I mention The USAA Contractor (True Car) failed?
- But USAA still charges me the higher interest rate
- THAT is a great business model!
- USAA Penalizes the customer for the failure of the USAA/True Car product
- Wow - can't wait to finance my next vehicle through USAA...NOT


Old Fed, we are sorry to hear this!  Weill engage an account specialist to review your experience.  We appreciate you letting us know.