I am a member of USAA a disabled vet 70%.  I've been trying for 2 years to get my shop registered with USAA to take care of my fellow soldiers.  Did I forget to mention I'm 3 miles from an Air Force base.  My shop is Icar Gold certified, I provide my own loaners, I'm a new car dealer and still USAA field agents don't return calls, don't provide information and they send business to non military independent shops.  I refer business to them all the time when service members buy a car but at what point do I stop and ask why can't I service them when they need me because USAA doesn't recognize me as a DRP?  I'm fustrated and I think I need to dod what's best for my clients and refer them some place else.


We thank you for your service @Work2 and would like to see if you can proceed using these steps:

1.     Click on "Corporate Info & Media" at the bottom of the page.

2.     Select "Learn More" under Supplier Registration.


If you prefer, you may send information about your company and any questions you have to     ~ Joseph