Does USAA know what Customer Service is anymore?

Just spent over an hour on hold being bounced between random people just to be told that the doccument my rental agency made me sign to move in to my home wasn't good enough to prove to USAA that I moved to NC. Looks like I might need to get insured by another agency, as I am not empowered to make my rental agency change their policy on how THEIR doccuments are signed. Getting annoyed by USAA's lack of customer service. It seems to get worse each time I need support with something.


@AWESOMEMORTGAGE- I can certainly understand the frustration with updating your coverage address after moving to NC. It is always our intent to provide quality customer service and products to our members. I am going to engage the appropriate area in reviewing your concerns. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.~Shawna

Engage away. Just remember, everyone offers online quotes. If it was your intent to serve your customers you wouldn't make me spend 15 minutes yelling at the phone because it doesn't understand what I'm saying, just to talk to a human, and not call me back when a call is dropped. I used to be able to call you at 2 AM, go directly to a person and ask what my checking balance was. Now you just bounce customers between hold times and tell them you can't help after you've tried to sell them something they don't want or need. You need to understand this is not a good business model to retain membership. You are the ones who want my money, why do I need to jump through hoops to give it to you?