USAA has clearly aligned itself with the lowest bidder for emergency towing and should not be trusted in an emergency.


I strongly recommend AAA as the service provided by USAA is inferior. Earlier this year I slid off the road in Indianapolis due to ice when the plows were not operating on Martin Luther King Holiday. I still had to go to work.


After waiting an hour, I walked home in the snow and expect the tow trucks were busy. When the tow truck called 6 hours later, I was elated to be compelled to walk a mile back to my vehicle (again through the snow and ice).  Despite the poor service, I tipped the driver $20 for showing up, as USAA is apparently as cheap as sin.


Earlier this month,  I called for emergency towing and was refused. Thank goodness I wasn't traveling outside the city on a snowy day. Imagine the bliss of profit sharing afforded to the senior staff at the cost of your family walking through ice and snow along a barren highway.


I am currently writing the USAA Board: Stuart Parker, Laura Bishop, Chad Borton, Deneen Donnley, Carl Liebert, Dan McNamara, Michael Merwarth, Torben Ostergaard, Wayne Peacock, Dana Simmons, and Patricia Teague as I want my money back.


Hi @JackG1, I'm sorry to hear about your tow experiences with us and we can have a member from our roadside team contact you regarding the service received.  Would you like to be contacted by our roadside business partners?