Hi Every One,

I wanted to ask if some one can help me with fieling an appeal on USAA decision not to cover a recent auto accident.  Long story short USAA has dismissed my claim on the accident because my vehicle was under a storage policy.  The funny thing is that when we PCS'ed we had a claim pending and when we received the car we contated USAA and they worked with us to get it fixed.  Fast forward 7 months and my wife gets rear ended at a stop sign and when we contact USAA they tell us about this storage policy.  They did walk me through the paperwork, you know those big packages they send every six months,  to show where it states that the vehicle is under a storage policy.  Not very user friendly and kind of hidden.  I spoke with an "investigator" that said that they listen to my conversations with the various agents and USAA made a determination that I never asked to put my vehicle back on a regular poilicy.  I never got to listen to these recordings.   I am upset that USAA is not willing to work with me or give me a clear explination.  Also, when I talk to a USAA agent in the auto insurance department  I expect that they can do most if not all the functions of the total insurance process.    USAA told me that the person i spoke with was not the right person to move my vehicle from a storage policy to a "road" policy.  


Sorry for the long explination and rant, I'm just very upset with USAA since they pride themselves in helping out the military members but when you really need them they are not there.  


If anyone has any information on how to file an appeal please let me know.  Thank you


I regret to hear about your dissatisfaction with your USAA auto claim. Give me an opportunity to look into your situation further. Please send me a private message with your phone number and claim number so I can locate your claim information. Thank you.

If your wife was rear ended, the accident most likely was the other drivers fault. Get a copy of the police report and file against the other drivers insurance company.