I recently had a dishonest car buying experience with Jerry's Ford of Annandale, VA.  As a Certified USAA Dealer, they seemed willing to honor the TrueCar price; however, they blatantly mis-used KBB (a reputable and quality pricing guide which they publicly promoted and encouraged the use of) in an effort to scam me out of a couple thousand dollars on a trade-in, presumably to make up the difference in loss of sale due to the True Car price.  When approached about the dishonesty of their business practice, they merely defended their numbers, unwilling to negotiate or admit any wrongdoing. 


Dear Jmoose,

I cannot being to apologize for your negative experience with Jerry's ford. I have shared your comments with out Auto department and encourage you to also share your feedback here. We appreciate your membership and thank you for your feedback.

I too had a less than desirable experience with a so-called "USAA Certified Dealer".


JD Motors, at 6710 Burnet Rd, in Austin Texas, which is a so-called "USAA Certified Dealer", advertised a car that was in "show-room" condition and that supposedly had just had a recent brake job.  I went to the dealer to look at this car and found that neither was true.  When I asked the dealer representative, Joseph Dib, why he had advertised the car as having had a brake job, when it obviously had not, he made up a lame excuse about the weather making the brake rotors look rusted.  The brake rotors were not flat as they would have been if they had just been turned as part of a brake job.  In addition, some of the pictures that were part of the car advertisement, had to have been from another car, as many did not depict the car as I found it during my visit to the dealership.


I would REALLY like to know what criteria that USAA uses to classify a dealer as a "USAA Certified Dealer".  I have historically had VERY GOOD service as part of the USAA Car Buying program.  When I see that a dealership has a "USAA Certified Dealer"  label, I consider that the dealership has passed some kind of USAA scrutiny to gain that label, and I enter the dealership with a sense that I will be dealt with honestly.


I read other accounts of dealerships that have the "USAA Certified Dealer" label, but where USAA members have had less than desirable experiences, so I wonder just what a "USAA Certified Dealer" is.  I HAVE NOT found any replies to members or documentation on what scrutiny a dealership goes through to get the "USAA Certified Dealer" label.


Please DO NOT just tell me that my concerns have been passed on to some other group.


If USAA is going to advertise a dealership as a  "USAA Certified Dealer", please tell ALL OF US what that means.





Dear Coach Chuck,

Thank for bringing this to our attention, if our members are not having a positive experience its important that we know about it. Your concerns have been escalated to the Bank for a further research and a response will be made soon. I am working on getting the exact criterion for a dealership to be USAA Certified Dealership. Thank you.



Thank you SO MUCH!!


I very much appreciate the fact that I, and other members of the USAA community, might finally get an answer to the question of how a dealership gets to be a "USAA Certified Dealership", and what exactly that means for members using the car buying service.


I await the results of your research with great interest!