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My cousin bounced my car off a guardrail, then continued to drive it until he was stopped by the police & confronted about the damage to my 2006 Cadillac CTS V (68k miles).   Subsequently, he & his girlfriend were arrested & my V impounded, thank God.  Anything to make him stop.  


I called USAA as soon as I knew what happened.  All seemed to be going well - until I heard the settlement offer.  12k.  I declined their offer & told them I wanted my CTS V brought back to my home.  Then the tone changed.  I was put on hold for 20 minutes.  The claims rep. stated USAA would deduct $2,000 from the offer, dropping my settlement down to 10k, if I chose to keep MY CAR.  Get this:  So they could sell it for scrap.  They're taking money from my settlement so they can make money off a car that doesn't belong to them?  The car is a total loss, according to them.  But they're trying to make money off of it?  Yes.  


I know that the LS2 engine, which was undamaged, is worth about 7k.  Brand new?  10k.  That's just the engine.  (Which was replaced by Cadillac in 2011 - due to defective motormounts).  Cadillac?  Stands behind their product.  100%.  A fact.  USAA?  Isn't trying to stand behind me or any military members.  They're trying to con me.



1.  I was informed several times that they would be deducting the deductible from the now 10k settlement.  FOR WHAT?  I'm not having the V repaired.  It's totaled.  


Now, we're down to $9500.  

2.  I did all the research for them.  I live in Dallas/Ft Worth.  There's one 2006 CTS V for sale in Austin, with 8k more miles than mine.  Price?  $22k.  And that's it.  In the state of Texas.   Cadillac only made 3,024, 2006 CTS V's.  Nationwide?  There are 5.  The next closest CTS V?  Kentucky.   This IS NOT a car you can walk into any dealership & find six of them.  That is not gonna happen.  


3.  I explained to USAA that in the state of Texas, my insurance company is required to reimburse me 100% of the value of my CTS V before it was destroyed.  In other words, the settlement I receive, should cover the replacement cost.  All of it.

Their offer?  50%.  I cannot replace that V with $9500.  Cara informed me that USAA did NOT have to reimburse 100%.  Imagine that.


4.  The average mileage on a 12 year old vehicle?  About 180,000 miles.  (mine 68k) 


5.  I spoke with a woman named Savannah about 2 weeks ago.  We got off to a rocky start - but this soon changed.  She listened to me.  She went over all the information I had sent them about what was available to me as far as replacing my CTS V.  They say it has to be in my area.   Well, the closest is in Austin.  My CTS V was brought to me from Houston on a flat bed.   The 1st generataion CTS V is in HIGH demand.  Especially the manual 6 speed.  (like mine)


6.  Eventually, she offered an extra $5000.  It was better but I wasn't going to be able to replace my V, with 15k.  No way.  And a CTS V, like mine, with similar mileage wasn't going to be found anywhere in my area, or in the state, for that matter.  In fact, USAA's offer?  Wouldn't buy a 2004 or 2005 CTS V. 


7.  The last thing I spoke to Savannah about?  Was the LS2 engine.  I'm unclear as to whether USAA was aware that the engine wasn't damaged.  Or the VALUE of that engine, brand new or used.  I told Savannah that whoever inspected my vehicle never got to the engine.  He hit the 10k mark before opening the hood.  (or did he?)  I told Savannah about the engine being replaced in 2011.  She told me to get verification of this & we'd go from there.  And I did.


I was happy after speaking with Savannah.  Things were starting to look up.  It took me another week to make up my mind if I would accept $15k.  I was ready to settle.  Even though I'm not getting the true value of my vehicle.  Even though my parent's are going to have to make up the difference that USAA refuses to pay.  I'm ready to be done with them.


I could only hope that the value of my engine, before the car was totaled, would help with my settlement.  I waited a week after sending the service record to USAA.  Give them time to look it over.  I also sent several ads for LS2 (corvette engines).  Just like mine.   They all started at $4 grand & went up to $7 grand.  Brand new?  $10k.  


After USAA (Savannah) raised the settlement by 5k, I slept on it.  For a week.  I hoped that the engine replacement in 2011 would help.  


Two days ago, I called & spoke with 'Cara'.  It was the most disgusting phone call.  She was going over the deductions (like keeping MY car to sell for scrap or I take it and lose $2k.  And the dedcutible, which I don't pay since it's not being repaired).  When she said what the actual settlement would be?  I couldn't believe my ears.



Now, it was lower than the original 12k offer.  LOWER.  $11k and some change.  I could not believe what I was hearing.  

She kept yammering.  Trying to double talk me.  I could've cared less what was coming out of her mouth.  She'd already proven herself to be a LIAR by attempting to subtract the deductible, when my V isn't being repaired.   


When I objected to this paltry offer & stated that my settlement was raised by $5000, she basically called me a LIAR.  Or called her coworker a liar.  Take your pick.   I told her she was mistaken.   She told me I was.  Yeah, that's why I called the CDR & told him & mommy about the $5000 increase.  Why would I lie?  I wouldn't, considering my parents are going to have to pay the difference that USAA WON'T pay to replace my CTS V.  

I asked her what the amount of increase was.  She said $1000.   So, I asked what this was for.  I mean, why offer me any increase in settlement?  Why?  She couldn't answer that.  I asked at least 3 times to speak with Savannah.  She said, 'I can transfer you but I don't think she's in her office.'  Like I care what she thinks at this point.  She was calling me a liar.  Does she have voice mail?  Well, yes...  But she still wouldn't transfer me.  I believe Savannah was standing right beside her.


It is my belief that when I proved, repeatedly what my CTS V had been worth, especially when I told them about the engine replacement in 2011 & then proved it, they decided to penalize me even more.  You can buy an LS2 for $4k.  And that's what had been deducted from the NEW settlement offer.  You follow me?  Except she lied about it.  It wasn't $1,000.  I wouldn't have been calling to settle anything if that were the case.  If I would've agreed to let them retain my car, the settlement would've been $17,000.

Now?  It's less than $12k.  


I challenge anyone, anywhere, to find a 2006 Cadillac CTS V, w/ an LS2 that was replaced in 2011, with less than 70k miles on it for $10k.   That wouldn't replace an '04 or an '05 with similar mileage.   It's very sickening.  A multi billion dollar company, trying to cheat me?  Trying to weasel out of paying 100% of the value of that car before it was bounced off a guard rail going 70mph. 

To replace it?  Over $20k.   More like $25K.  But I'm being offered $11k & some change?  What's that going to buy?  An LS2 engine?


If i'd not been honest, not told them about the engine?  I'd still be getting the extra $5000.  But because I told the truth - proved it?  Well, you figure it out.   It's a disgrace.


Cara kept telling me that they WERE NOT responsible for 100% of the value of my car before the wreck.  Well, in the state of Texas, THEY ARE.  With the settlement I receive, I should be able to purchase another 2006 CTS V, without my parent's kicking in the remainder.  That's the law.   


 Also, when she finally transferred me?  it never went thru.  I sat my cell phone down & continued speaking with my parents on the landline.  After about 10 minutes, CARA suddenly pipes up & says, 'is there anything more I can help you with'?   I SWEAR.  She was listening to me talk to my parents for at least 10 minutes.  I was appalled.  More appalled.


My parents are not pleased either.  All of their homes (3) are insured with USAA, their vehicles, etc... for about 50 years.  Now, they're thinking of switching.   











This is video of my vehicle the day my cousin left with it.  Some are pictures.  Examples of just exactly what this car can do.  Mug shots of my cousin & his girlfriend....

I was very close to my cousin.  Now?  I hate him.  Hate him.  He waltzed off into the moonlight.  In fact, he was more concerned about his cell phone being stolen from my car when it was impounded.   

It's like a nightmare.

And now this?  11 grand?  Really?




@dutchess68, I understand the seriousness of your concerns regarding the settlement offer received. Your concerns are important to us and I will forward your concerns to the appropriate area for further review. A follow up will be made with you regarding this matter. Thank you for sharing with us today. - Rhonda

My parents were on speaker phone & I had 'Cara' on speakerphone, so THEY could hear every damning word she said.  You know what would be really funny?  Is for 'Cara' to call my father a liar.   Right now, I'm waiting for my parents to tell me how to proceed from here. 


Presently, they're going to have to cough up about $15k to replace my CTS V.   Why?   That's a good question.   


You're going to forward my "concerns" to the appropriate area, huh?  Hasn't it already been at the appropriate area? 


I didn't know I needed to record my phone calls with USAA, so they can't call me a LIAR.  It would appear that military members have to protect themselves from a billion dollar corporation that claims to care about them when this is blatantly false.

"I understand the seriousness of your concerns regarding the settlement offer received. Your concerns are important to us and I will forward your concerns to the appropriate area for further review. A follow up will be made with you regarding this matter."

This sounds like a standard reply used often in USAA's playbook.  An attempt to demonstrate that they care.  They don't.