So, if I pay my insurance in full twice a year when it comes due, will I get the discount USAA is offering?  Or is it for only those that pay the extended plan?


@icbmlaser- Hi, great question, you will also get the credit. As of now, every member with an active auto insurance policy in March 2020 will receive a one-time credit equal to 20% of two months’ of premiums. For most members in your situation the credit balance will be held for three billing cycles after it is applied and, if a credit remains on the account, the credit is systematically refunded on the fourth billing cycle. Policyholders may start seeing the credit on their account as early as April 26, yesterday. Starting April 27, today, email or mail communication will be sent with the total amount the policyholder can expect to see. We will continue to send out communications specific to each member until we have sent the info to every eligible member. We want to provide this financial assistance to our members as quickly as possible. It reflects an early look at the impacts of the pandemic and stay-at-home orders. USAA will monitor the situation and look for ways to continue to assist members. Please visit to see the latest updates on all USAA is doing during this difficult time. Thank you, stay safe.~Shawna