I completed a Smith Driver training course and am curious if I qualify for a discount on my auto insurance. Does anyone know if and how I would go about doing this?


Thank you.


Hi there, @ARD_Attack! Nice job completing that vehicle operating course! The Defensive Driving Credit (or DDC) is a premium credit allowed when an eligible operator has completed an approved driver-improvement course.  In different locations, the defensive driving course may be called by different names, such as "American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) Driver Safety Course" or "Mature Driver Improvement Course." The specific requirements and potential documents needed vary by state. However, in most states, we are able to add that upon our members' notification of completion. Also, the DDC would not apply to commercial driving courses such as the type for job licensing and so forth (i.e. CDL, etc). I would recommend connecting with us via chat on USAA.com or by dialing 800-531-8722 so we may review this in more detail with you and confirm the exact requirements in your state. :)