After 14 years and 5 rear end accidents (not my fault). I have never had any issues with USAA. Their customer service used to be top notch. I felt like they cared. Well, since end of September when another driver ran a red light and totaled my son's car, it has been difficult at best to deal with USAA and down right awful at other times. The other driver is also a USAA customer and they refuse to give me any information on why liability is aking so long to determine. Sure USAA paid my claim and took my deductible (which yes, I have to pay the deductible until they determine liability, I totally understand that). The other driver was ticketed for running the red light, there was one witness who stayed to give a report to the police, but suddenly USAA (the other side) is searching for more witnesses and I'm not being informed of anything whatsoever. I've been told that my claim has been completed and my son is not at fault but my deductible isn't be returned because the other side hasn't determined liability on their own. IT'S THE SAME COMPANY! It's the same region. It's been incredibly frustrating and I can't drop USAA until it's settled.

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@CA2IA2Ak I regret this experience and I will have one of our claims managers look into this issue for you and they will reach back out to you. - Ralph