I joined this bank in 2016 and I took out an Auto loan and has paid my bill every month since until I was away on orders for month I did a mission and had no access to my financials but as soon as we retuned home I paid off what I owe to make sure my account is caught up to date. When I got access and logged into my account and checked my mails I see a letter saying defaulted on my loan. I then contacted USAA to figure out a solution to my situation seeing that I was on military orders and got blown off both times I called to talk with a representative needless to say it made a huge Negative impact on my credit report right in the middle of me purchasing a home So thank you USAA for leaving me homeless.


Thank you for sharing your concerns, @RDO. This is never the experience we want for you. I have located your information and forwarded it along with your comments for further review. A specialist will follow-up with you. Thank you for taking the time to voice your concerns. Tricia

Looking forward to hearing from them.

RDO, please let us know how this turned out. Many eyes read these pages, but once a message is "forwarded along" we rarely know whether the situation was resolved to your satisfaction or not.