Disappointed on The Bank Auto loan department

After the military I went through a tough time, finding a job and maintaining myself, I was lucky to get an Auto loan with USAA while I was still active, now that I am no longer I the military and slowly but surely lifting myself back up, I attempt to trade my Auto for a new one and USAA turns it's back on me, I have never been late on a single payment, USAA always got their money from me even when in tough times, I made them priority, but now when I need them the most they turn their back on me. US okay though bc I will bounce back, and USAA will not see another dime from me, good thing your insurance department is separated from the bank, they are completely different and actually help soldiers and veterans as much as they can. I hope somebody high in that department is able to read this and at least puts some morality in their decision making instead of just looking at a piece of paper. After all I always paid USAA on time. What a shame, leaving Veterans in the dust just like the Army does when first seperated that is just the reality of it.


What a sense of entitlement!  I suppose rules don't apply to you?

I'm sorry usaa left u high and dry.... Do u have a credit union membership? I work in auto loans for a dealer and sometimes we can even beat usaa rates as well as approve their "rejects" using credit unions... Hope this helps
Thank you, finally somebody with something good to say, I do not have one, where could I go?
Google credit unions in the city you are at.... Visit their websites and see what membership requirements are... Generally they are a 20 to 50$ membership account as well as fitting qualifications like living in a certain city or working for companies or worshipping in a city.... What state are u in?

Dear Sgt. Reyes,

Thanks for reaching out here in Community. I can certainly understand your frustration. Let me help connect you with a service specialist to review and understand your concerns. You have some options, please click here to provide us with your member information and situation details or you can also reach a service specialist at 1-800-531-8722. Hope to hear from you soon, we want the chance to explore all options. - Wendy



Hi Everyone,

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I am in the State of Texas, thank you very much for your help.
Try security service federal credit union