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I have been with USAA over 35 years.  I noticed that I was paying a large auto insurance premium, so I called to inquire.  Was told by agent that my rate was best possible.  (No accidents, no tickets).  So I decided to compare rates with Geico.  Identical coverage for nearly a third less, $201.15 USAA, $124.98 Geico.  When I called USAA auto insurance to cancel my policy, there was no attempt to keep me as a customer.  They did not seem to care.  Really disappointed in USAA.


Now I am wondering about my home owner's insurance.  Time to check with other companies to find out.


USAA at one time could not be beat.  What happened?


Hello @Wiggy333, I appreciate you taking time to share your thoughts. Our aim is to provide quality products and exceptional service to all of our members. I regret hearing your disappointment and can see the importance of having a competitive premium. Were you able to compare our contract  as well to identify any differences? Thank you for your 35+ years of membership and I look forward to your reply. -Paula 

Yes.  Before I made my decision to change, I made sure all information was the same.  

What disappointed me the most is that there was no attempt to keep me as a customer.  With that said, I will not reccomend USAA any more, like I did so ernestly for 37 years.  I will make sure that my fellow military family knows that there are better offers out there. 

USAA is not what it used to be.

I appreciate your response Wiggy333, and apologize for the experience you had. It is never our intent to make you feel this way. Your feedback is much appreciated and welcomed and will be shared with our business team. We always look for ways to improve and serve our members better in the future. If at anytime you would like to have an agent review your file we are here via chat 24/7 http://usaacom or calling us at 800-531-8722.

What happened is that Stuart Parker is running USAA into the ground.  High insurance rates and terrible customer service is what he has done to USAA.

I also ran into this issue. But it is the same with any other insurance provider. You have to shop around every 6 or 12 months to make sure you have the lowest rate as loyalty incentives are long gone. I had a homeowners policy with USAA 2 years ago that was over $2,000/year and I switched it to Farmers for $860/year. I also bundled my auto with Farmers at the same time. Like you, there was no haggling by USAA to convince me to keep my policies. Bundling to get a lower rate on your premiums does not always result in a lower overall rate as I found out last month that I would save even more money by having my auto with, (had to edit but starts with a P), and leaving my Homeowners with Farmers.


While I would love to have all of my policies under USAA like I once did, I doubt it would happen in the near future. I always get quoted higher than what I am currently paying for the same coverage limits.