Disappointed in USAA, Comprehensive Auto Claim Costing Significant Financial Damage to Me

I've been a member for 5 years and had stayed with USAA for auto insurance, even though my rate was high compared to other companies, because of their good service. I'm so disappointed in them after this experience and will be considering leaving. My car was stolen while I was on vacation in Tennessee (I live in New Jersey), and I filed a comprehensive auto claim right away. The police found the car 10 days later. USAA tows it to the nearest repair shop, and they estimate that there's about $8,000 worth of cosmetic damage (dents, scrapes, etc...). The repair shop is in the process of fixing it now, but apparently when the car is done, I have to go get it in Tennessee and USAA WILL NOT GIVE ME ANY MONEY TO TRAVEL TO GO GET IT. This will cause me significant financial damage, since flights and gas are both very expensive right now (not to mention the time it will take to travel out to Tennessee and drive back to NJ). They also will not ship the car back to NJ. The whole reason I have insurance is to protect from financial damage in unfortunate situations. It's not my fault my car was stolen (my AirBnB was broken into and they stole the keys) while I was on vacation, and I shouldn't be paying to get my car back to me when I have comprehensive coverage. This situation is infuriating and extremely disappointing. BEWARE anyone who gets your car stolen while on vacation, USAA will screw you over. I've spoken to people who work for other car insurance companies, and they will pay to get the car shipped back to you if it is over 100 miles away from your home. Disappointing that USAA won't uphold the same standards. 

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USAA is not the same organization I joined about 20 years ago. I had auto insurance and did  checking/savings account for many years. I always paid auto insurance on time, never late, never missed payments, essentially cash cow for USAA, reached PREMIUM STATUS, and filed no more than 5 auto insurance claims the entire time. An outstanding Customer! Then, in August 2021, USAA cancels auto insurance, notifies STATE without my knowledge, and creates a new problem for me. USAA likes using incompetent USPS Mail, it's cheaper for them. Otherwise, USAA requires that I pay for alternate courier service like UPS or DHL. So then, I receive a letter from State demanding $200+ in fees in order to reinstate auto registration and drivers license. Fortunately for me, gasoline prices and auto expenses have increased 50% to 60% over the last 18 months. In a way, I am glad to eliminate the Auto and Gasoline expenses for now.

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Thank you for your membership @NJtoCO and we certainly understand your disappointment with your auto claim.  I have forwarded your experience to the appropriate team to further review and address, your continued patience is truly appreciated as this is reviewed.  ~Marco


Thank you for the reply. I really do hope someone can do something for me here. Nothing about this situation is discussed in my auto policy (I've looked through the whole document several times). The only relevant sentence uses very vague language but does imply that any stolen property should be returned to the address in the Declarations at the expense of USAA. It would be a shame if USAA hides behind the vagueness of their own policy to deny me compensation for something that should be covered.