Disappointed in USAA Auto Finance Customer Service

Senior Frog

I have been in the market for a "New to me" automobile for a few months now.  When I finally found the right vehicle (a * Mercedes) I submitted an application for a pre-apporved used car auto loan through USAA.  At the time I submitted the appliation used car loans were at a 2.99% APR.  When it came time to finalize all of the paperwork with the dealer the salesman showed me a nicely equiped * vehicle that had been used as a lease vehicle.  Because the vehicle was a year newer and with less miles I decided to go with it instead of my previous choice.  Since this vehicle was a * it qualified under USAA's new car loan rates of 2.49%.  When I called USAA's auto loan customer support I spoke to a woman named Stacey.  I explained the situation to her and told her that I was already qualified for a used car loan through USAA for 3.03% (if using the car buying service) and that I was now interested in a new car.  I asked the question, that if I was now in the market for a "new" car would my loan APR therefor drop .5% to 2.53% to match the difference between USAA's advertised 2.99% used car loan rate and their 2.49% new car rates.    Stacey pulled up my account and saw that my credit score was in the 800s but then proceeded to tell me that eventhough I was buying a new car now that my approved rate was my rate due to my credit and that was that.  I again asked the question concerning the difference in the advertised new and used car rates and asked again if I would qualify for the new car rate now that I was buying a new car.  Stacey told me again that my rate was my rate eventhough I was buying a new car and that the inherit problem was that I did not understand how credit works.  She then went on and said that if I did that I would understand what she was telling me.  I tried to explain the situation again when she cut me off (several times) and told me that I was being very confusing and it was all due to my lack of understanding.  She went on to say that if I would just be quiet and listen to her that I would stop being so confusing.  I was beginning to get more than frustrated but I tried to explain the situation one more time.  I explained that I was now looking at a new vehicle and that I understood that I would be getting the car buying service credit if I submit the dealer certificate.  I asked again would I qualify for the .5% differential seeing that I was now purchasing a new car.  Stacey said that she finally understood what I was asking but said that she was misunderstanding the situation due to the fact that I was being very confusing.  She requested that in future conversations with her that I not be confusing.  With that said she looked again at my account and told me once again that my previous rate was all that I was going to get.  For the sake of not going through anymore torture I ended my conversations with Stacey.  I went the very next day to the dealership and got a loan for 2.6% through Wells Fargo.  I have been with USAA for over 15 years and have multiple products through them to include prior auto loans.  This coupled with my past experiences with their auto insurance folks has got me seriously considering transfering all my assets and going with a different banking facility.  USAA... your customer service needs work.