We will be buying a car ASAP, used preferably or new depending on which manufacturer that offers the best discounts and incentives out there. I don't drive due tony medical condition, my wife who's the registered driver under our car insurance policy just can't seem make any progress. We leased a car last year because our credit score every financial entity declined our request to buy. USAA alone did over ten inquiries Ina two month span denied us when we we applied twice, but our records shows from our credit report from a major credit reporting agency has listed over ten inquiries, hence, only option was to lease putting a huge down payment and a monthly payment equivalent to ia USAA member below average standing and USAA granted a loan 23% APR 60mo. $460. We"be kept our commitment for one year and drove less than 8k miles before the renewal of vehicle registration. Leasing company did one oil change, and left us to pay out of pocket two replacement of batteries and a tune Durinb the course of that interim we have had to call USAA roadside assistance a phenomenal 38 jump starts which we are not at all proud to admit. This is factuall otherwise I wouldn't be able to post this since we made a payment for this month . We called to informed that the car has been returned to the leasing agency which were impressed on the low mileage and the condition it was in. Our hefty deposit of $2k was non refundable but rather, we a in house credit 1/3rd of the amount should we have chosen to fall victim to an agonizing one sentence, the credit with no cash redemption will still be available to us for six months should we change our mind. My wife and I decided we will purchase a car. After two weeks of using USAA"s renowned member purchasing program which by the is available to the general public by the way, is in no way way am advantage of being a member, but doesn't make us at a disadvantage. Thanks USAA because after printing out the price protection certificate discount which I repeat must also be available to the general public is really nothing but a statement showing that the dealership and USAA has a transparent dollar amount which has no advantage or disadvantage. It follows by informing the consumers that dealership may include additional fees in the disclaimer but the fonts are microscopic in fine print. So regardless if we buy anew or use, it"s the car dealership as well as the insurance companies that ultimately gains absolutely. We can do the research on the car we set our achieving , pointing out to the dealership to clarify these fees listed which aren't hidden by the way will insist that dealership can inflate these fees at an astronomical amount with the exception of two states of the Union, California and Illinois, it"s obvious we don't live there. If there"s any benefit to this, if there"s fellow Uniform Military Active or veterans


A1 Carlos, thank you for your post and sharing your experience in Community. If you have additional questions about the process, please give our bank a call at 800-531-8722. Thank you for your membership.