How do I go about getting a diminished value claim? They reported my claim incorrectly to carfax and and now my value has decreased significantly and I can not sell or trade my vehicle in. Ive called their number and done online chat with no luck.


@ jellis84,

Thank you for reaching out on our member community board.  To better serve you, can you please private message me the date of the accident as well as the vehicle involved?  Thanks~ Mike

Good Luck! I have the same issue. Steps I’ve taken: 1) contacted the reporting police department had them update the Car Fax report, 2) now the fun begins- contact car fax and dispute the incorrect report, 3) have your insurance sue the other party - I didn’t have any luck because of the equation that is used. Bottom line - unless your vehicle was totaled - nothing is going to happen.. it’s all a rigged system In favor of the insurance companies.