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I’ve had the worst experience of my life with USAA. on March 21st my husband and I put $30 worth of ( what we assumed was good premium gas) in our 14 Mercedes suv. As soon as we reached home the Car clunked Out on us. I automatically thought it must hv been bad gas because the vehicle had no issues and was running great before we put the gas In. The next morning the dealership picked the vehicle up and confirmed after inspection that it was indeed bad gas. Ok USAA sent their 3rd party guy to the dealership to get a gas sample. He forgot to take the kit he needed. So he goes back a week later with the kit. Then a week later the results are back. It is indeed bad gas. I was to we were covered on several occasions. Suddenly since I called to complain about how long this process was taking. (Yesterday)I was told today that we are not covered and that USAA will not cover. I’m so highly upset. I really thought high of this company. I’m in the process now of writing formal letters to the CEO, the insurance commission and anyone else who will care enough to see that we are being done wrong because I’m complained. DO ANYONE KNOW OF A LAWYER in the Florida area that handle cases as this. Please help us. I really feel like we are not being covered because I complained on the service we received.