I have been with USAA for 5 years now and I really think this has been the best bank I have ever been with. I have a problem with the auto loan service, I just recently applied for a auto loan an got denied several times but I bought a car last week and got approved through another major bank. I have had an auto loan with USAA before and paid that loan off with out any problems. I do have bad credit and a Bankruptcy but I don't see why I cannot get approved when I got approved with another bank. Also after I was denied I was sent to CarFinance.com where I also got approved. I didn't use the financing from them because the dealer would not accept it. I want to refinance as soon as possible but I can't even get a refinance loan USAA.




Thank you for posting in the community. Have you spoken to someone in our bank about your current situation with bankruptcy? When my husband and I filed a few years ago, we knew that it would diminish the chances of refinancing our car loan with USAA. They did however help us to re-establish our credit, and a couple of years later we were able to refinance with them. This is just my own personal experience, I know each situation is different.


I would suggest you call 1-800-771-9960 and ask what options are available to you.


Hope this is helpful - thank you for posting in the community. Best of luck!


You most likely got subprime financing. USAA doesn't offer subprime financing. Anybody can get an auto loan but most likely not favorable rates.
What bank approved you? USAA did the same thing to me
I will be discharged in a few months and need a car asap. How long after your discharge were you able to obtain an auto loan and was your interest really high?

As a USAA member you should feel releived that USAA does not offer subprime auto loans. Auto loans top $1 trillion dollars and deliquency rates are rising according to USA Today. It is a huge financial risk for banks and credit unions. Eventually the banks issuing these loans are going to have to pay and the people who lose are the account holders and tax payers.