Denial of Coverage for small truck-60 and still learning

I've always been told to refuse insurance on a rental vehicle since my USAA coverage would be suffcient.  I recently rented a small box truck to assist my son with his move from NYC to DFW.   I called USAA to confirm that my sone was able to drive the truck and was told it wasn't a problem.  I overlooked damage to the top of box at the rear of the truck when I accepted the rental.


When I returned the truck, I was told I was responible for the damage though we were never in an accident, never backed into anything, and had no idea that the truck had an issue other than noticing that the rear door was difficult to open.


After about six weeks of talking with USAA about the claim, yesterday I was informed that USAA was denying coverage because my policy doesn't cover this kind of truck.   When I called USAA, the preson was polite but confirmed that I was now basically on my own to work this out with the rental company.  Shame on me for not knowing; shame on USAA for not disclosing when I called to discuss my son driving the truck and for not looking at the policy IMMEDIATELY when the rental company reached out.


So if you're renting a truck, I'd be sure to discuss coverage in advance with USAA.  The insurance offered by the rental company is worthwhile if you know you that your USAA policy won't cover damage to the truck.   Deeply disappointed that USAA dropped the ball twice.


@Denied claim, thank you for reaching out to us regarding your auto claim concerns.  I asked a business specialist to research your claim situation further along with following up with you.  They will be contacting you within 2 to 3 business days.  Thanks. ~ Robert