RUDE RUDE RUDE customer service.

And as I read through the member community they don't have very many satisfied members.

When going through the car buying service make sure you FIRST go to the auto loan rate section because they don't post rates that are even close to what you can actually get on their car buying service. It is a very deceptive "tool" that leads you to believe your rates will be $20-$30 cheaper than they actually will be. You have to leave that site and go back to the main one to find your true rate. 

Luckily we confirmed our rate on the phone before applying and found that you have to apply for at least $15,000 to get the advertised rate. The used car we are trying to buy through their service doesn't hit that even after taxes and tags. So we are in no way eligible for the rate even with our excellent credit.

When bringing up the flaw in the website the first lady we talked to agreed that it was very deceptive but her manager got a nasty little attitude (I'm guesing she hears how deceptive their site is a lot) and cut the conversation by saying she'll make a note of our concern and then hanging up. I wish I had the name of the manager she needs to learn some manners. I don't care how many upset customers you talked to already today - there is no excuse for that behavior. I'm sure I am not the only one to get treated this way and I would be 10x angrier if this woman spoke to my dad or grandfather this way. 

What a wonderful way to treat customers and not only customers men and women who fought and continue to fight for you to have your nasty little attitude.


Dear Amanda919,

I cannot begin to apologize enough for the rudeness you encountered. I am so very sorry and would appreciate the opportunity to have a specialist get in touch with you to personally apologize and talk a little bit more about what happened. If you could please email us here at (please include your member number and the best way to contact you) we will have someone in touch as soon as possible.



Your post speaks volumes!