I have encountered yet another dealership that states they will honor USAA guaranteed quotes but after reviewing my quote they come up with some excuse or another.


I purchased my Jeep Wrangler through USAA Car Buying services with no issues only to come home to CA and not be able to find a dealer that will honor a guaranteed pricing.


this is frustrating!


Dealer: Puente Hills Chrysler

              City of Industry, Ca


Thanks for bringing this to our attention, C130CrewChief. I certainly understand how frustrating this would be. This is not how we want you to feel. I have provided this information to my colleagues that handle the Car Buying Services for review and follow up. Please allow time for the research to be completed. - Cathleen

Thank you Cathleen. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Having the same issues, two dealers both refusing to honor the guaranteed qoute.   Both dealers in the Joe Cooper Autogroup in Oklahoma.  


I would highly recommend USAA dropping this dealer, and specifically looking at TrueCar's partnership.   I believe it's a bait and switch or false advertising to provide a written number that will not be honored.  


Somebody needs to discuss this with a lawyer, or join a class action lawsuit to keep this from continuing to happen to members.