Dealers not willing to honor USAA Used Car Buying Service Price


I have been to two dealerships over the last two weeks and have encountered shoddy customer service. The first dealership Antelope Valley Chevrolet in Lancaster, California, refused to honor the USAA discount. No matter what I said, did, or the certificate I had would make a difference. So I walked out. Just yesterday I was at Claremont Hyundai in Claremont, California. I specifically asked them to not waste my time and if they would honor the price. They said yes. I had it in an email from them to me. I drove the three hours to the dealership and low and behold they choose not to honor the price. Of course I left there really mad. Horrible customer service and business. USAA may want to think twice about putting their name on a product that is just not working. I believe these dealerships use the price as a way to get you in the lot and then hope that you will like the car so much that you won't fight the price change. It is a scam if you ask me and obviously USAA knows about it yet does nothing. They hide behind the fact that they can blame true car. Take ownership responsibility for your actions. Disassociate yourself from this failing tool or demand they take action. Set up a dealership page where users can take a quick survey to identify shoddy dealerships. This should help both customers and dealerships toe the line.




Oh no barobles55, I do regret to hear of this experience you have had. What I can do is share this experience with a subject matter expert. Thank you for taking time today to share this with us.