We will NEVER again use the USAA Car Buying Service as a method for selecting our vehicles and negotiating with any dealerships. My husband is a veteran and my father is a veteran so I've been a member of USAA for 20 years and my husband for 5. We have all of our insurance, banking, credit cards and financial planning with USAA and thought this Car Buying Service was something we could trust. But, I have to say that my disappointment in USAA is higher than it was with the car dealership because, even after reporting this incident to USAA and their partner, True Car in California, we still do not have any resolution. Where is the Trust in that?


The USAA Car Buying Service we used to purchase my husband's Ford F250 from Five Star Ford Lincoln in Warner Robins, Georgia has been the worst car buying experience and we regret we didn't buy locally. My husband waited for this recession to subside before finally purchasing a work truck to use daily. After only 12 days of purchasing the truck, it broke down on the side of the road and had to be towed to our local Ford Dealership. Their service department advised us that the cause of the breakdown was due to conditions existing PRIOR to us purchasing the vehicle: dirty and contaminated fuel lines, missing and wrongly installed parts, dead battery, etc. The General Manager refuses to reimburse us for any of these costs even though they occured within 12 days of purchase. And, the Used Car Manager tried to deny us a warranty that we purchased with the truck. In addition, we are still waiting for parts to be shipped to us and those are also supposed to be paid for by Five Star Ford. We don't have any expectation that this will occur.


Please do yourself a favor and do NOT buy a car from Five Star Ford Lincoln in Warner Robins, GA. This is very close to the Air Force Base so military families and veterans, PLEASE BE WARY and learn from our mistake. I purchased a Ford Edge last year at the Mizzell Ford near Augusta, Georgia and can HIGHLY RECOMMEND this dealership as professional, responsible, respectable and reliable. GO TO MIZZELL FORD and you won't be sorry!!




Donald and Lisa,

Thank you for you and your family’s service and for being long time members.


I am so sorry to hear about your terrible car buying experience. I cannot imagine the stress and disappointment having your new car break down has caused. I would like to get someone in contact with you to talk about your situation in more detail and see what USAA can do to help you. Please fill out this form and include the best method to contact you.