Worst experience EVER!! First of all, I started using USAA's car buying servicer in 2010. Before that i was using the Costco program. Since 2010 I have made a few new car purchases with USAA's program and it was the best  experience i have ever had. You would go on the website, build the exact car you want with the options you want. Then USAA would give you a certificate to take to the dealer and you would get that car for the price on the certificate PLUS any and all rebates and incentives for that car. My last new car in 2015 i was in and out of the dealer in an hour start to finish!!!! And only 1 phone call and an email to the dealer prior. I used to brag to my friends on how great this program was....NOT ANY MORE!!!!! A couple of days ago i was just tossing the idea of a new car and went on USAA car buying site, I looked at a few different makes and models. There were no options to choose from. You basically get to choose the color and model of car.. Thats it! Before you could build your car right down to the color of seats and size of wheels. Anyway, I only looked for about an hour at a few different models of cars and got frusterated because i couldnt find where it let me choose the options. Now get this!! When I closed the USAA window, I noticed I had almost 50 email notifications!!!! THat is not exaggerating.. 50!!!!!!!! All automated emails from car dealers and USAA!! Unbelievable!1 But thats not all. At exactly 7am the next day my phone started ringing off the hook!! I have been constantly hounded by tons of salespeople trying to get me to buy a car! I have had to block dozens of phone numbers from dealers that wont quit calling me.. AND THE EMAILS KEEP COMING!!!!! "Sir I have sent multiple emails and made phone calls in attempt to talk to you about purchasing a car."  No kidding!! It is worse than walking into a dealer yourself!! now they have my info and will not leave me alone!!!! I HAVE DECIDED I NO LONGER WANT A NEW CAR AND WHEN I DO I PROMISE I WILL NOT BE USING USAA FOR ANY PART OF IT!! FINDING IT OR FINANCING IT!!! As i sit here writing I just got ANOTHER call from a dealer trying to get me to buy a car! What a joke!!


This certainly isn't how we want you to feel, @Aviator5. If you've advised the dealership you don't wish to continue, they should no longer be calling you. I have provided your feedback on the changes to the Car Buying Service to our business team to use during the next enhancement. I do appreciate you taking the time to provide this feedback, and letting us know how disappointed you are in the service. - Cathleen

They shouldnt be contacting me in the first place!! This issupposed to be the "Hassle Free" way to purchsase a car and it is totally the opposite. The biggest frustration in carbuying is dealing with salesman and USAA has now given all of my info to them to contact me. All I was doing is researching prices and now im being bombed with solicitations to buy a car. I would have been better off to walk into the dealer myself and deal with the salesman so they couldnt get my info to be able to contact me. Not only Email, Phone calls and voicemails but they also send text messages, to which i have had to tell them to STOP!! 

Aviator5 - We appreciate the feedback as it will help us improve future service. Than you for adding your voice to the conversation. - Jason

also, USAA uses True Car as a third party and when you beging the negotiating process with the sales agent, the agent runs your name in his data base and discovers True Car was used reducing your negotiating power. This happened to me and began by not saying anything about True Car, I used Costco. Costco reviewed all of my purchase contract with Trade in and then the Dealer gave me $1000.00 check and Costco mailed me a $200.00 gift card. Use Costco, not USAA in buying anything for that matter  

Could not agree more- do not use USAA to research car pricing/ availability in your area.  As soon as you click on a dealership to see what they have in stock, the harrassment starts- Phone calls, text messages and emails.  I would not have been suprised if one did not show up at my house.  And its not just one person from a given dealership calling, texting and emailing you- it is at least two- the salesperson and the sales manager.  USAA has really screwed this up.

Thanks for sharing your concern about the Car Buying Service @Scout1967. We will review this further and reach out to you soon. - Jesse

Has USAA changed this policy yet or is USAA still doing this?

@hwnryan, I'd like to find an answer for you. Can you elaborate on the policy you are referring to? ~DC

Frankly, this seems like obfuscation.

I think anyone following this thread can grasp the nature of the customer's dissatisfaction: that shopping with USAA's car buying service seems to expose the consumer to aggresive marketing from local dealerships. Hwnryan is abudantly clear in simply asking whether or not this problem still exists.

To ask what specific USAA policy a customer is refering to in the context of a clearly defined concern seems like an attempt to put the onus back on the customer, requiring them to identify the root of the problem before corrective action will be taken.


Bottom line: I was able to immediately identify and answer this inquiry. So to ask the customer what specific USAA policy led to this phenomenon, again, seems like obfuscation.