DId they Raise Insurance Payment and not notified you of the change?

Lone Ranger444

I checked my insurance bill and saw a $120 a year increase and wasn't notified by USAA. I'm ticked. I called and they said my state raised the insurance rates. I drive a 30-year-old truck with the minimum insurance since the won't give me another truck if mine was totaled.  I'm $%^% they didn't even take the time to notify me of a rate hike. I was expecting a decrease since no tickets or wrecks. I guess I'm looking for a new insurance company. 


Welcome to the club. It's safe to say that everyone received increases (in many cases much more than yours) in their auto insurance premium as well as their homeowners policy. I find out about any increases when USAA sends out their renewal statement at least * days before it renews. You know it's that multi-page document they upload to your documents (if you chose to receive your documents electronically) or by mail if you chose to get paper. I'm not happy about the increases either, but at least there's sufficient time to research and change your provider if USAA isn't competitive enough.