40+ year member.  Just bought a new F250 truck.  Really didn't consider USAA as I financed my last two from the dealer.  Was approved for a loan from a couple of places and chose one.  Saw the USAA add for refinance and was kicking myself for not thinking of them.  What a waste of time it was to deal with USAA on this.  Had to send in two W2's, 2 paycheck stubs to prove that I have an income.  Amazing since I've had direct deposit at USAA for at least 10 years.  Was finally approved at the amazing interest rate of 13% which is double the rate from Ford and the bank I went with.  No relationship with the other bank but was approved in a matter of minutes.  I guess my banking and all my insurance doesn't matter.  Keep your loan and most likely your other services. My how you have changed!  Perhaps you should rethink your ads to reflect reality.


I totally agree.  Being disrespected by USAA and its "leadership" for the past couple of years just makes us furious.  First, it was errors, then last fall, instead of a call to service our accounts, we got a registered, certified letter from USAA saying they were "considering this matter closed" which we had no idea of what that really  meant, just that USAA apparently wanted us to stop asking questions about our accounts, updating them and having to deal with uncertainty because they screwed up our refi, they had the original loan by the way with nothing changed to our income/marital status/location, etc. and they had to admit those errors but there is fallout when that happens, it does reflect on later updates that need to be made because then, customers have questions. 

USAA stinks, not the same with the "leadership" at the helm now. Here's our recent story: We were disappointed about the Hannity decision, not because we have to take sides but because USAA made it political and kept their ads on the lib networks for many days, til they were exposed that they'd caved to pressure and removed only the Fox ads. After many days of losing business, they reniged and moved all back on, although we've yet to see any ads on the networks where they removed them and said they'd been reinstated. Anyway, I went on this site and on USAA Facebook and I told our story, about how our insurance and home loan refi got completely botched, all USAA faults and they even tried to censor and penalize the people at the company getting us answers, instead threatening us to not help us get the loan closed because we were holding things up....until their Ops and Channels people figured out that wasn't the real story, was not our fault. We wrote about the Hannity stuff, also talking about our botched insurance and how often we've been asking to have a review of all of our policies by an expert in each area, sending multiple messages about it since last November. So, 5-31-17, at almost 5 p.m., a lady named Laura from the CEO's office calls, my wife is home, she asks for me, wife wants to know why since it is USAA. This gal identifies and says she's responding to the online comments. Wife thinks it is about Hannity, but Laura says no, it's about the insurance comments, that she works with insurance in the CEO's office. Wife says not much time now, but gave her some info., about the things I'd posted online, regarding how our homeowner insurance was screwball and we never knew why it wasn't able to be billed correctly with our auto insurance as it had been, once the loan closed....and we wanted to know why. Wife took notes, this gal seemed very sympathetic, said she was 'going to work with others who could help her find out what DID go wrong so we had peace of mind about the policy" and wife reminded her we'd also been asking for more than seven months in many messages about an overview of ALL our insurance, could we do it when she contacted us later with those answers. We were supposed to hear back in 2-3 business days, we stressed it was important to not ignore us any more, as we are thinking of leaving USAA. So, Laura calls back six business days later, yesterday, at the same time. Had pledged she would try to set up a time first, would just call and either leave a message or ask if it was really good to talk. I answered, Laura seemed very nervous, said she "hoped I was having a splendid day" which was really fake. I told her "depends on if USAA has the answers we have asked for for 8 months" to which she tells me "Oh, USAA has already answered all your questions, they (meaning USAA) already told me they did that for you." So, I get my wife on the phone with Laura, who then pretends she has a report to give on insurance, etc. and says, quote: "Your policy for homeowner insurance is perfectly fine", to which my wife says, "what does that mean?" Laura then says she has heard we got all our answers many months ago, and my wife says, "No, you heard 45 minutes of our story last week when you said your call was about insurance, and we told you what we never got clarified, and you even agreed if it was you, you'd be very disappointed and would consider leaving USAA due to being ignored about policy questions." Whose job is it, anyway, USAA, to decide if a customer got their questions answered about insurance? Can't we have questions every few months, or is there a limit to when we can update our policies with you? So, my wife reminded her of what she pledged to do, and she then pretended (Laura) that "Oh, I got confused, I thought you had complained about Hannity, so I got confused about why I was to call". We wrote EVERY word down of both calls, my wife does shorthand. Why does USAA lie? Why can't people update their policies and ask for an expert in each area where we have accounts to come through for us? IS that too much to ask? Finally, my wife got a work call, after telling Laura it wasn't a good time to talk and we felt disrespected, and we hung up. Horrible, USAA. You don't care, plain and simple, so how do you resolve that and why can't customers ask for a point of contact, when you initiate the call and say you want to investigate our insurance, from a rep in the CEO's office--but we again get the runaround and never get any answers? We don't trust you, and nobody else should, either. You don't value my business, as a faithful member with perfect credit and many accounts with you, and you made mistakes which you like to hide from and not acknowledge there is fallout later from that with trust and also with account questions, which makes you have to be held accountable. There's no time limit on clarification for errors, when it comes to money and my bank, I have to say! And, when USAA makes those errors and we want to know the back story of how that played out months later and the CEO's office says yes, she also thinks that 's a good idea, then why the lies

TT6953, hey there! Congrats on your new truck. Please know that USAA does consider each loan application on a "case-by-case" basis, and considers the "360" view of your entire credit and account profiles when rendering a loan decision. We consider several factors such as both your USAA and credit profiles, including your debt to income ratio, banking account management, credit score, and history with USAA. We hope this is helpful in understanding how we review applications for credit, ~Jen

You miss the whole point, Jen of USAA, but that's the way USAA works, not answering but always deflecting, which is disingenuous and disrespectful. The guy didn't ask HOW you do the credit profile for a loan, he asked WHY it took so long when most other lenders, especially those whom he doesn't even have accounts with, took less time and offered better rates.  I believe him, 100%.  And, then he writes this up and USAA sends this shiny, happy response, instead of saying, "Glad to hear you got the truck, but so sorry we couldn't be more helpful in that process, due to the rates offered.  Please let us know more if you can to improve the next customers' experiences, and please give us a try next time."  All the policy garbled-goo is silly to write, as we ALL know you have to check a myriad of items before granting a loan, even to a USAA customer.