When buying a new/used car or trading one in, MAKE SURE you get your full insurace coverage that you previously had or what you are looking into.  We recently traded in a car after 10 years of ownership and 15 years of having car insurance with USAA.  I have been a member since the erarly 90's some 25+ years now and ear after eyar the customer service in one area or another is going downhill.  This time we requested the same coverage as previous car, then later on we find out they dropped the ball and di not provide us roadside assistance as promised yet did not notify us by email or letter telling us we were declined on that day, nor could they provide proof of notification (sounds like an excuse since..) The day we found out we didn't have it, out in the middle of no where, they were able to add it back to our coverage within minutes apologizing for not notifying us.  Then when submitting a re-inbursement we get a letter that we didn't purchase the option that I have had on every car for the past 15 years and requested the day of the trade-in.  USAA can't keep there stories straight.

My last bad experience was with the mortgage group, after getting a quote to refinance and reduce our total mortgage by putting down cash USAA dropped the ball on communications when asking for paperwork and handing the mortgage between representatives so that when we were ready to sign they said we were missing documents and our 90 day period was up for the original quote so now they couldn't match the financing. Again they apologized for their mistake and their representative not keeping us up to date when handing over our documents.  We had to go elsewhere to get better financing and better service.  HOPE this doesn't happen again since I like several things about USAA services. 

I have several investments and accounts with USAA and would like to know someone out there is doing somehting about improving there customer service and products.



I would first like to apologize for the service failures you have experienced. I can assure you USAA cares very much about your membership, and I have passed this feedback onto the loan and mortgage departments. If you would like, you can also fill out this form sharing your experience.


Thank you for your comment and for your membership.