We have had USAA auto insurance for 15 years. The rates continually rise. We started to compare other companies. Several requested we obtain a Letter of Experience from USAA to help us secure better rates since we do have 2 recent auto claims. Both of which were low speed incidents. I backed into a pole in a parking lot and my wife bumped a pole in a parking lot. The USAA dept for stateside insurance claimed it is against there policy to release a letter of experience to another company. We are not asking USAA to send it to another company, but to send it to us. They said it is still against policy. We called back later and were transferred to the international policy dept since we also have an international policy since one of us is overseas right now. The international policy dept stated they do letters of experience all the time, but the stateside dept doesn't "like" to do them however they can. This information immediately made me think USAA is simply not providing the letter because they know they cannot compete with other company's rates. After wasting 1.5 hours of my time, being transferred to 3 people, having to explain the situation to each person because the customer service reps BLINDY TRANSFER customers and don't communicate the problem, being denied the opportunity to speak with a manager because they "were not available", and then having to keep telling them I do not want to compare rates right now because I already have, I still did not get any help. Customer service reps could not provide where it is written in the customer agreement or company policy to deny a letter of experience. All they could say is "we don't do that for stateside policies" and "we don't release that information to other companies". USAA I am leaving you. This is the last nail in the coffin. Your dispicable customer service has driven me to part ways after 20 years of banking and 15 years of insurance I'm leaving. USAA's insurance rates continue to rise, mortgage rates are not competitive, interest rates of return are some of the lowest, and customer service has turned into an automated system with canned responses even when speaking to a person. You claim to.provode "a better customer experience" and "you may pay more, but you are getting better service. BS! Customer service and experience is TRASH! You are losing a long term customer with an over 800 credit score that has used you for loans, credit cards, insurance, banking, etc. I've always checked USAA products first because I have been a loyal customer. No longer. It ends now.


@AFzApe, I regret hearing how let down you are with our service and I'm engaging the appropriate area to address your concerns. Thank you for taking the time to post your thoughts. -Paula