Current DOD employee obtain vehicle and homeowners insurance?

Hello. I am a current Federal (DoD) employee that has not served in the military. Both my father as well as father-in-law served in the Marines. I do not believe either were USAA members. Both have since passed. Can I purchase vehicle and homeowners insurance through USAA?


@josephalbert, I am a military brat myself and send our condolences with the passing of your father and father-in-law. I understand you are not aware if they were ever a USAA member and can help you with an insurance quote with the USAA Insurance Agency. This area can be reached at 1-800-531-8722 (USAA) or #8722 (USAA) from a cell phone as they are not available via this social channel from 8 am CST to 5 pm CST, Monday - Friday; however, we will be glad to see if we can locate any membership information.  ~ Joseph