My wife traveled from Arkansas to Houston and got a chip in windshield.

With extreme heat we wanted chip filled in before cracking further.
When she got home I noticed the chip was not properly filled in. Need to note it did not expand or crack further but simply not flush with glass. Repeated attempts to usaa/safelite have fallen on deaf ears. Work was improperly performed since resin did not fully fill in chip. I mentioned that over past 20+ years, I have had chips filled in flawlessly. This one was by young girl.. perhaps inexperienced?

Safelite and several DIY videos show how to fill in chips, perhaps safelite should watch.

Never using safelite again since they do not want to take responsibility for their workmanship.

Also, i tried usaa complaint. On 3rd drop down, there was no selections provided so unable to do a complaint.


@Papablue, I apologize that you had a poor service experience with Safelite.  I will be sure to convey your feedback to our glass claim management team.  Please allow 1-2 business day for the team to make contact by phone. - Ina