We have a claim against USAA Auto...Three of their agents told us that if we would supply measurements showing our front end is not narrower than our side fenders ( where the damage occurred ) they would reopen the claim and review the evidence. They contend that their clients door was open and we ran into it...we claim she opened the door as we drove past. Our evidence is there is NO Damage to our front end!! They then claimed that our front end is narrower than the side fenders as to why we have no front end damage. I asked why they had not sent out an adjuster to look at our vehicle ( and take measurements ) and they said it wasn't necessary. ( It wasn't necessary because they had no intention of considering any evidence.) Heather Pace, Wesley Pate and a Victoria all said this. The last two said they would instruct their repair facility to take those measurement. Our first visit, they had NO instructions and just did a repair estimate. Victoria then said she would give precise instructions...our second visit they only had instructions to measure the side fender width. Our last call to USAA.. a Ursula, stated right out that we shouldn't bother ourselves because they had NO INTENTION of looking at any evidence that would prove their client responsible and to basically...SUE US!! They lied to us repeatedly and strung us along with those lies hoping we would just go away. So now, to take them to court, our insurance company says we have to fix the vehicle ourselves and then they will try to recover the money. We can't afford to fix someone else's damage!!


I then contacted clint who is head of their Customer Service Supervisor. He never replied. Apparently, the lack of ethics goes right to the top.


If you have a tendency to cause accidents, no problem. USAA is more than willing to lie for you. But it does amaze me that for a fraction of the CEO's hourly compensation, these agents salary seems to be adequate to sell their souls. IMG_20191231_153901.jpgIMG_20191231_153855.jpg


@Irate2, I hate to hear that you are having this type of experience. I have located your claim and I am escalating this to a specialist. They will be able to look into your situation and reach out to you. Please allow 2-3 business days for this to occur.

Hmmmm, unusual unless the USAA client didn't admit fault; your state is a "no fault" zone; and the officers' report has no omissions of fault either way! Your lucky it wasn't that lizard copy or you wouldn't have even got the time of day, unless their client admits fault. But even if you are not at fault with USAA they will still do an 80/20 rule everytime and/or fight for their clients only in court... anything else is on you!