Complete Failure! Where is my Proof of Garaging Vehicle Document??

For the past several weeks, I have spoken to several different representatives at USAA, even faxed twice, specific information regarding a document I need, and have yet to get. I have been a member for 19 years and always loved USAA but with this recent experience, the company has failed me. I cannot understand why noone at the company can read the faxes I have sent, that have also been copied into my account and send me the correct, and accurate document regarding the correct location my vehicle has been residing for the past year. I was told that CT DMV would be electronically notified by USAA regarding my vehicles change of address....this never happened and now I am being charged hundreds of dollars in property taxes in a town that I have not lived in for the past year! The customer service I have received is unacceptable. The registration for my vehicle could be jeopardized due renewal time because of the mistakes made by USAA. I'm shocked that with all the calls I've made, and hours of time I've spent on the phone with representatives, I still have not received the correct document for my vehicle for the tax assessor office I previously lived in before July 2017. I have even asked to speak to supervisors or a head of the department and gotten the run around. This is not a complicated matter to resolve! Once a happy member, I may have to rethink any future business with USAA.


@Livid1, I'm sorry to hear how disappointed you are. We take your feedback seriously and I'm engaging the appropriate area to address your concerns. -Paula

Engaging the appropriate area? You can solve this issue by providing me with the document I have requested. I do NOT need proof of insurance! I need proof of parking/garaging of vehicle. Why have I been told to fax what I need and have faxed exactly what I need, and noone has responded to my fax??? Does anyone work there??