I just got off the phone with USAA and not only has customer service gone down but they are always doing something with our rates.  First they give you a credit and then they take it back and not to bother to tell you they are going back 3 - 5 years to "RE RATE" their policies. They need to give accurate quotes and not shaft their custombers in the back.  I have all my vehicles with them with full coverage and yet they go back and re rate policies so this tells me that they are either over pricing your policies to the point that maybe they need to be looked at. How may policy holders have they over charged and not given them back what they truly over paid. I called the Texas Department of insurance and low and behold they no nothing about this re rate thing that USAA is doing.  I have been a member of USAA for over 30 years and they claim to be this great insurance company looking out for the military and their families, yeah right. It seems that they are looking out after their own pockets. Why will this company not let you call their corporate office direct and talk to someone other that a customer service agent who could care less about you. Their favorite tactic is putting you on hold or better yet always getting voice mail.  They make you jump through hoops just to talk to someone and then when you get them they make you jump through more hoops just to made to feel like you are the worst thing for asking any questions and insinuate you are not telling the truth when you tell them you did not get what they mailed.  This company has become just like all the rest bait and switch.  The quote you one rate and then tell you they under charged you and you have to repay what they undercharged.  That should be on them and their underwriters who are putting out the bogus numbers. 

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Hello, @Peacock0913. This is very troubling to read, indeed. I can assure you we wouldn't want any member to feel this way. Please, bear with me as I engage the appropriate area for further support on this. ~ Steven 

This is not the first time and suerly will not be the last time.  Your customer service has gone way down and when a member is made to feel like they are the one in the wrong well? After almost 30 years I have trust issues now with USAA.  I carry fully coverage on all my cars whether paid off or not and then I am told that I hnave been over charged when we are supposed to be getting reliable quotes.  Your advertisements make it seem that you care for Military Families but I am beginning to see otherwise.  

When I transferred my vehicles to USAA I got three different quotes over several days, it just depended on who answered the call.

I can definitely understand why this would be concerning. The one thing to keep in mind is that when quoting for auto insurance, changing something that may seem minor can alter the final quote. I can certainly review your account on your behalf. We appreciate you reaching out to us. - Heather