As a 25 year member of USAA, I certainly wanted to use them with my last auto purchase. Stellar credit, debt ratio is practically nil ... I was offered a little over 4% on a late model high end car. As much as I didn't want to, I talked to a local bank where I have zero relationship. After running my credit, the banker offered 1.67% out of the gate. That was 10 months ago. Obviously, I went with that deal and the car is paid ahead through mid 2015. USAA, I would have preferred this deal through you!


Same thing happened to me with USAA. I couldn't understand why they weren't offering competitive rates when I had several lines of business through them and a good credit score.

Agreed, USAA could do better with their auto loan rates.


I'd be happy to finance through USAA, but they don't compare favorably with other banks.